Hero Blocks is a platform.
Dynamical realtime reaction and precision combat systems put together to complete an easy-to-understand visual feedback, rewarding the player with a precise representation of his actions.

3rd person fighting
Close combat, full contact, melee, brawling.
We wish to tryout this platform for several game ideas, all centered around 3rd person precision close combat.
Optimal responsiveness. Impact precision. Real deformation. Player controlled camera.

True multiplayer combat
Hero Blocks backend have been developed for a long time, and continues to evolve to provide the best possible player experience.

Teams or free-for-all
Many players can fight against each another or setup in teams of almost any number of players.

Freedom fighting
We want complete freedom of controls, combine any movement with attack, jump, dash or dogde into a special attack or combo-combat until your enemies crumble. Mixing in classical 2D fighting game mechanics completes a new combat experience.


Yes indeed. Once our first game design feels ok, we will provide a simple demo.
Follow our social media to keep track or sign up as an alpha tester!


This is a 3rd person team arena fighter.
‘Dark Souls meets Street Fighter in multiplayer?’ – maybe it is, maybe not, at least we try hard to create deep and variated combat.
Come join our alpha and be a part of creating your favorite fighter!

Back Story
Steel Dome Factory is a gigantic plant producing advanced
fighting robots called Raa Heads; the best fighters the
reformed world has ever seen – according to Empress Ra.

The Holo Arena is a colosseum-like structure partially hidden
under an ancient decrepit dome. Here, Rebel Heads from
outside the city, can try their luck in fights against Steel
Dome Factory’s best Raa Heads. The prize? PowerClay!

Empress Raa is the owner of Steel Dome factory. She was a
human once, but her last biological part was replaced
hundreds of years ago. Her original bones are now decorative
parts in her steel throne at the seat of honor in the Holo
Arena. From here she witnesses the spectacular fights.

Raa also oversees production in the factory. She’s a powerful robot with access
to the world’s biggest supply of PowerClay.