Hero Blocks – The Skeletoonian

Survival. Slugfest. Screwballs.
World’s first TEAM-BASED 3D Fighter using delicate fighting mechanics spiced up with non-traditional features.

True multiplayer combat
Up to 30 players. Experience action-packed combat against multiple enemies at once.

Unique combat system
First fighting system providing control over all 4 limbs, offering endless combat techniques.
Mixing in classical 2D fighting game mechanics completes a new combat experience.

Combat satisfaction
Optimal responsiveness. Impact precision. Real deformation. Player controlled camera.

Subtle elements of well-known sports within base capturing.


The origin of Skeletoonians
In a distant future. Humans are long gone.

Earth now belongs to the most unlikely robot life form imaginable…The Skeletoonians live for as long as their bodies can hold voltage. When they run out, they go into a state of hibernation. A never ending search for voltage drives the Skeletoonians to dig up the past…

We are producing a Hero Blocks video series about the Skeletoonians, watch it on our YouTube channel – Click here

Skeletoonians were announced Worldwide in 2035 as an advanced robot-toy. The Skeletoonian shipped with several programs to help children clean their rooms, assist with homework, and provide entertainment to relieve busy parents.

Soon every household had at least one Skeletoonian. That’s when the glitches began. One family reported that their Skeletoonian kept stacking every single object perfectly in one room. Another claimed that their two Skeletoonians dressed up as forest animals and started fighting each other. All owners stated that the Skeletoonians copied human body language, recreating everyday situations. The Skeletoonians were pulled from the shelves and left alone in warehouses around the World until one day…