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Our first game design and concept is ready and in process, ending with a demo hopefully ultimo 2017!

We are soon finished with an overhaul of the visual identity of the first game made from the Hero Blocks platform.
Brutal, dark and post apocalyptical. Back story ready as well.

Name will be to ‘MACHINEHEADS’.

Here is a sneakpeak of a Rebel Head character, Viking Warrior 001. We hope you like it.

Quite a big post if I should cover everything from the last few months of development.
We are on the right path in terms of gameplay design and production. Its tough, but thats indie game development in a nutshell, and we love it!

Biggest news is that we nailed the backend, making it possible to play minimum 10 vs 10 without any lag issues, even with a quite high ping. Amazing stuff.
I personally believed in our team since day 1, but trust me, I have had many sleepless nights along the way. Just ask my wife. Apart from snoring like a bulldozer, she had to cope with me turning 10 times a minute…

Next stop is Gamescom in Cologne next week, and we are thrilled to show off new stuff, and feel free to ping me for coffee or beer! We want to celebrate the breakthrough.

Here is a glimpse of how we keyframe animate our very stylized characters, trying to give them alot of personality. Its still WIP and the map is temporary for test purposes.

Feel free to sign up as an alpha tester, we need as many hands as possible as its many vs many multiplayer: Hero Tester

You can also get more in depth information by following our indiedb page here: IndieDB – Hero Blocks

Long time since we have posted anything in public, due to a period of evaluating feedback from all sides, from testers and industry veterans to publishers. All for the better. We listen, we learn, we adapt, because we are openminded and openhearted – our game is a result of a very creative and iterative process. No Kings and Queens. We know how to pivot and we know when to make the really tough decisions.

As many of you might know; it is a very difficult process to create a game, its Art in many ways and its difficult to plan Art and you cant force Art. And when a game grows, team expands and changes, which is of course great, you have a tendency to run faster, grind harder, and completely forget to step of the rollercoaster and take a REAL break. I mean isolate yourself on an island. Forget your project and enjoy your ‘surroundings’ for 2-3 weeks, yes without any digital devices. You cant force this, only time can accomplish this. Its like breaking a rubber band. We did that and we nailed our game design, finally! What a feeling, wow.

We really wish to show you stuff, but we need you to be patient. Soon 🙂

Thank you all for the support!

Quite amazing to wake up to a message saying ‘Hero Blocks is at #3 place now!’ – wtf?!
We thank you all for the support and interest in our game, as it has a big influence on such news.

If you wish to follow the process in depth, feel free to take a look at the page here:

Here is a situation from latest alpha test, which really makes up for all the hard work 🙂

What a week. We can breath and think again after a few days of jetlag. Many meetings, many great people and overall we are very proud and happy about the response. Now we are all into making the alpha ready for all the testers who have signed up. Thank you signing up and showing your support. We really appreciate that. Yeah, thats me, a bit tired but happy 🙂

Team-based 3D Fighter. Thats indeed Hero Blocks – The Skeletoonian.
Mixing in combat styles from the classic ‘2D’ fighters. A BIG challenge, but we have come a long way, and we will soon be able to show some in game combat. We hope this new poster compensates a little for the waiting time.

Development is great atm, team spirit is high and a few milestones have been reached during the last week.

Combat system fundamentals have been proven to be stable, and we have reached the level of responsiveness and combat impact satisfaction we set as one of the primary goals of our 3D Fighter. And this we celebrate by adding 2 new Skeletoonian members.

Happy Robots!

Hero Blocks - Skeletoonian Programs

After months of work on the game design of Hero Blocks, we finally managed to close the circle, and we can proudly share our first poster showing in-game props and looks.

Hero Blocks Official Poster

We have just updated our website, to be better prepared for our closed alpha test of Hero Blocks – The Skeletoonian. The game is shaping up nicely, and we hope to share some in-game content soon.

Feel free to sign up as an alpha tester. Details about when we will start, will be posted here any time soon. Here is a little treat from an in-game arena design.