Gift, Alpha and Dreamhack

Today is a very special day for us at Hero Blocks, as today we received a very special gift from one of our testers.
A book, titled “Blood, Sweat and Pixels.” A fitting way of inspiring and encouraging our small, young and new indie team.

Thank you very much BRTI. We love you, too.



Trip to Dreamhack Leipzig
We at Hero Blocks made our first visit to a Public Event at Dreamhack Leipzig, where we conducted a live demo of our first game: Block Sport.

With our game’s focus on competitive e-sport, Dreamhack allowed us to get in touch with our target audience, potential partners and influential streamers.

We had a lot of fun and received a lot of great feedback from the hundreds of people who stopped at our stand, and the favoured few who kept coming back for more. Most of whom volunteered for our Alpha testing phase and our Discord server.

You can also join by clicking right here. 

Early Alpha Brawl

One week after Leipzig, we decided that the game was ready for an early Alpha.
This period of testing and improvement has been vitally important and extremely helpful in tuning our systems, refining our balancing and even developing entirely new systems.

We would like to thank all of our testers for their time, dedication and invaluable feedback. You have all participated in a vast improvement of Block Sport, and we are very grateful.

Of course, many of you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Alpha Beta Gamer, and their Block Sport article, which lead so many of you to us.

Nice one, Alpha Beta.

Alpha weekend coming up

But that’s all history. Let’s talk about what happens next.

We’re certainly not done yet, and you can join us again for our Open Alpha Weekend, which will take place from February 23rd, to the 25th.

And if you’re really keen on making sure you never miss your chance to join in any further testing, be sure to check out our newly established collaboration with Shikenso: Block Sport event calendar,

And if you happen to be an e-sport fan like we are, we highly recommend you drop by their site and sign up. Seriously, they’re great: drop by their website and sign up.

Upcoming Twitch Streams

The first public Twitch streams, showcasing the open alpha build, can be expected Thursday and Friday (February 22-23) before the Open-Alpha-Weekend launches. We will be sure to share specific times and Streamers using Shikenso, our social media channels and of course our new Discord server. 

Block Sport Steam Page

And last but not least, Block Sport is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Steam page.
This new platform will give us an excellent landing point from which we can engage with potential players.

Interested in the game on release? Add it to your wishlist!

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