Hero Blocks – newsletter 001 is out!

Greetings Hero
We know you’ve been waiting, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to hear about our game status, and the announcement of our first Alpha test.

It’s been a hell of a ride, and we thank you for being so patient.

Alpha test
We will open for Alpha testing around the 22th of January, so be prepared for an email containing everything you need to know, including details on how to play.

About Hero Blocks
We’ve been hard at work creating a dynamic platform, which we can utilize to build lots of gameplay styles and modes, all focused on precision interaction and optimal player feedback, based on several real-time systems.

But what does it all mean? Hero Blocks? Machineheads? Block Sport?

Allow us to explain.

Our company and platform is named Hero Blocks.
Block Sport are the robotic characters present in the game.
Block Sport is a game mode we’re very excited about.

We’ve received a lot of questions, and one question comes up a lot:

“Is it Rocket League with robots?”

That’s quite the compliment, as we do love Rocket League. But we’re taking a different angle here. Our precision-based combat engine being one of the most notable things that define us, and we’re very proud of it.

If you ask us, we think we’re a little more like Speedball. Remember that?

Blocks are everything
You will take control of a robot comprised of a head and a system of electrical beams. This forms the ‘Skeletoonian’.

As your robot runs on battery and requires some protection from the elements, public embarrassment and other skeletoonians; they equip themselves with a powerful clay-like sculpted combat suit, comprised of blocks.

And everything you do in Hero Blocks will revolve around these blocks.

Block Sport
Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. But here, we can separate them into two factions:

The Rebel heads, and the Empire heads.

The Rebel heads are raw, hand built and inspired by humans

The Empire Heads are built in factories and are inspired by vehicles and military machines.

Now that we’re finished clearing that up for you, we encourage you to spread the word. We’d like as many hands as possible to participate in our Alpha!

Please follow this link to sign up: Hero Sign-up

Thanks again for signing up with us, and showing your interest in the game. Your support means a lot to us.

Best regards, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

– Team Hero Blocks

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