Game Development – Rollercoaster

Long time since we have posted anything in public, due to a period of evaluating feedback from all sides, from testers and industry veterans to publishers. All for the better. We listen, we learn, we adapt, because we are openminded and openhearted – our game is a result of a very creative and iterative process. No Kings and Queens. We know how to pivot and we know when to make the really tough decisions.

As many of you might know; it is a very difficult process to create a game, its Art in many ways and its difficult to plan Art and you cant force Art. And when a game grows, team expands and changes, which is of course great, you have a tendency to run faster, grind harder, and completely forget to step of the rollercoaster and take a REAL break. I mean isolate yourself on an island. Forget your project and enjoy your ‘surroundings’ for 2-3 weeks, yes without any digital devices. You cant force this, only time can accomplish this. Its like breaking a rubber band. We did that and we nailed our game design, finally! What a feeling, wow.

We really wish to show you stuff, but we need you to be patient. Soon 🙂

Thank you all for the support!

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